Edward F. Gumnick likes to spend as much time as possible talking to interesting people about ideas. In pursuit of that passion, he offers his services as a communications consultant, business strategist, writer, graphic designer, voracious reader, coach, sounding-board, and cheerleader to his clients, many of whom own and operate small, service-based businesses.

Ed graduated from the University of Dallas in 1985 with a bachelor of arts degree in politics, which hasn’t turned out to be anywhere near as useless as you might expect. During almost 25 years in the graphic-communications field, he has explored the roles of typesetter, proofreader, designer, quality-control supervisor, estimator, production manager, teacher, trainer, salesman, boss-man, consultant, and entrepreneur in settings that have included a publishing company, commercial type shops, ad agencies, a university printing plant, and a start-up design firm.

He was working at the University of Houston as assistant director of printing when a strange new phenomenon called the “World Wide Web” suddenly peeked up over the horizon, and he’s been an enthusiastic Internet user and advocate ever since. In 1999, he left UH to establish Starfall Graphics with partner Mark A. Herrera.

Mark A. Herrera is our resident Mac guru and chief technology officer. He also provides consulting, repair, and maintenance of Macintosh systems, software, and networking services as the principal of